Cylinder liner Honing Angle measurement

Honing angle is an important aspect of cylinder liner (sleeve) manufacturing process. Our honing angle measurement system comprises a dedicated HD camera module along with dedicated light in order to capture the HD image of cylinder liner surface, as the cylinder liner surface produces the specular reflection as the surface is curvature in nature.
A customized software to produce to very accurate angle measurement of the honing lines. Using the hardware. Following is the typical screen shot of system in action.

System capture images and calculate honing angle and produces report on demand for persistent data storage.


where to buy furosemide tablets Cylinder liner scanner machine

Cylinder liner/sleeve manufacturers face challenge when it comes to quality control. As cylinder liner surface are of curvature nature and highly specular. So doing manual inspection is always a tedious job and number of people required to do this job round the clock. In Manual inspection process, quality control person inspect the outer surface using some handy light source and try to focus on inner surface as well. He/she is having very limited scope to inspect both surfaces as surface are of specular nature and curvature. Not using the right illumination source suppresses the few defects which can be identified with naked eyes. Few defects like pin hall, hair line crack, blob etc. are difficult to identify using the current inspection practice.

Accipio introduces solution to overcome these challenges with a Cylinder liner scanner machine. Which addresses all the above scenario and hurdles of inspection practice. Our liner scanner scans complete inner and outer surface using the dedicated light source which is designed to inspect the specular and curved surfaces along with the HD camera module. Scanner scans the complete surfaces and inspects the each micro level defect with the 0.05 mm of accuracy. A customized software analyze the surface area and produces the onscreen report of the scan. User can generate report for the batch for persistent storage of the data.

Following is the typical screen shot of the cylinder liner scanner in action.

buy veterinary Pregabalin Bearing shield inspection system

Bearing shield plays an important role in determining the overall quality of a bearing. Accipio technology introduces software solution for bearing shield inspection. Bearing shields need to be inspected in order to check following defects.

  • Pin hole
  • Scratch
  • Blobs
  • Any kind of surface irregularities including roughness.
  • Accipio Bearing inspection software system identify above mentioned error along with the color tone variation with great accuracy and make the decision for pass or fail scenario or classification of shields in different grades.

Following are the typical screenshots of the bearing inspection system in action.

Diagram A – Bearing shield view with defects.

Diagram B – Bearing shield view with defects.